"Data unharnessed…is actionable intelligence forgone."

- Manqoba Msimang

Making informed business decisions begins with effectively managing the data lifecycle, and utilising key tools to deliver crucial data insights when you need them. We specialise in guiding large organisations through this often intricate data lifecycle, identifying what, how, and why certain data requires attention.

Falcorp has developed a Data Impact Rating, which is weighted by the potential impact a specific data process or step may have on your business and the emphasis or investment it requires, in order to safeguard your organisation and streamline the process.

Our data team is able to support and advise clients throughout the entire data lifecycle, with specialty skills and competencies in the following areas:

  • Reporting & Data Visualization
  • Predictive and Advanced Analytics
  • Big Data Management
  • Enterprise Data Warehousing
  • Data Integration
  • Data Management
  • Database Administration
  • Data Strategy Development
  • Data Architecture Services
  • Data Environmental Audit
  • Data Framework Development
  • Data Migration Services
  • Data Integration Services
  • Data Quality Assessment and Monitoring
  • Big Data Architecture and Strategies
  • Data-As-a-Service
  • MDM Services
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Although we have our preferred tools, we are technology agnostic – we are open and knowledgeable about leading market-related products, enabling us to skilfully manage any client-preferred system.

Our business partnerships, domain expertise and depth of knowledge in the data management space enables us to provide a solid and reliable foundation on which to build and drive your business’ data management process. Through our extensive experience in the field, we have also developed a CIO Data Playbook – an insightful framework that is instrumental in effectively running and managing the data to insights process.

Structured & Off-Line Storage

Data has, traditionally, been store off-line in an structured manner. Data storage and ease of access were some of the issues that CIO’s and IT divisions had to deal with.

Structured & On-line

Cloud storage became cheaper that on-premise storage. Companies opted for this option for non-sensitive, unregulated data.

Un-structured & Off-Line Storage

Social media introduced the concepts of unstructured data and Big Data. The volume of which far superseded the data that companies traditionally would store on-premise. Initially this data was also stored off-line, for analysis purposes.

Un-structured & On-Line Storage

Market demand to gain quick access to

General Business Problem Statement

Unstructured (Big) data has grown exponentially, where as structured data has grown in a linear manner.

This exponential growth has resulted in a gap between the skills available in the market and the Big Data Analytics requirements of businesses.

Falcorp guides and steers organisations through the data lifecycle to address this challenge.

Our Clients

Data Case Studies

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