Support of 800+ Banking Database and RAC instances for Barclays

Reliable quality support is imperative for our clients in the Banking industry. Our Falcorp Data Management team supported¬† 800+ Database and RAC instances across 17 African countries. ¬†Key Objectives 99.7% Production Uptime Support of 800+ Oracle DB and RAC instances Support of Core, Internet and Mobile Banking High availability configurations to reduce downtime Incident , … Continue reading “Support of 800+ Banking Database and RAC instances for Barclays”

To RAC or not to RAC

My database career pretty much started in 1998 with an internship at a software consulting firm where I spent late nights with my manager working on partitioning a SCO Unix server as part of a disaster recovery effort for a bank that had lost the database server earlier in the day. Needless to say, the … Continue reading “To RAC or not to RAC”