Analytics, Big Data and the Consumer

You have most likely heard the buzz words “Big Data” and “Data Analytics”,  but you may not know what it’s all about, and how it relates to you. Here are some insights about the process will help you to understand why companies invest so much time and so many resources into the ever-popular loyalty programme. … Continue reading “Analytics, Big Data and the Consumer”

100TB Operational Data Store Implementation & Support for Vodacom

One of the leading International Telco’s requested Falcorp to migrate a 100TB Sybase IQ Operational Data Store to an Oracle Exadata to provide a more cost effective system. The team was further required to enhance the functionality of the existing system.  Key Objectives Migrate a 100TB ODS from Sysbase to Oracle Decommission the existing system. … Continue reading “100TB Operational Data Store Implementation & Support for Vodacom”