Effective project managers communicate, communicate, communicate

The multi-faceted demands on and expectations on project managers, strategically and operationally, dictates that only men and women of all seasons ought to take on the responsibilities that goes with this field of work. Tactician, team leader, motivator and negotiator are only some of these key requirements. In this piece, I’ll highlight an oft-ignored success … Continue reading “Effective project managers communicate, communicate, communicate”

Flexible Working – the argument for

Flexible Work Practices (FWPs) redefine where, when and how employees get work done. In addition, talent, jobs and the workplace become perceived in novel and unique ways. Rather than face-time or hours spent in the office, output and results become more important. In essence, therefore, productivity is of apex-importance rather than “presenteeism”. Flexible working includes … Continue reading “Flexible Working – the argument for”

Trust and a good corporate reputation can get all age groups to surf the digital wave

An aunt recently told me how the online capabilities offered by many companies, especially financial services ones, was making such a positive difference to her life. The statement itself wasn’t surprising, especially seeing that my aunt cannot drive so the convenience of online banking or shopping to her was obvious. What was surprising to me … Continue reading “Trust and a good corporate reputation can get all age groups to surf the digital wave”