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Transport by trucking is the backbone of Africa’s trade infrastructure. So, the importance of maintaining the health of our thousands of drivers cannot be underemphasized. The Trucking Wellness programme aims to provide a primary health system to truckers and their families at 22 mobile wellness centres country-wide, as part of the Corridor Empowerment Project

key Key Objectives – Falcorps Challenge

The single biggest challenge was to create a central patient records management system – the existing paper-based records were hopelessly unsuited to the client base, constantly on the move over long distances nation-wide. Paper records were costly, bulky and prone to loss, duplication and compromised patient confidentiality. They also made it very difficult to share information and maintain a holistic view of each patient’s history.

Falcorp Technologies rose to the challenge, providing managed IT services to eliminate the paper based processes with an easy-to-use system that would facilitate instant information sharing between far-flung mobile wellness centres, provide statistical reporting and be scalable.

client-benefits Client Benefits – Information at their Fingertips

  • Our solution was based on four key technological components:
    • Primary Health Care (PHC) and HCT applications (PC based)
    • A biometric device (fingerprint reader)
    • A 3G mobile network connection (modem and antenna) linking all wellness centres
    • A central server for hosting


    With Falcorp’s new system in place, a truck driver can visit a Trucking Wellness centre anywhere in the country and a simple fingerprint scan will allow the health worker to register the patient and retrieve a full medical history. The mobile network connection between centres means that information is updated and shared in real time, so healthcare is continuous. The network operator also hosts the solution. Data security and access control are fully compliant with SA laws to ensure patient data confidentiality.

scope Scope of Engagement

To ensure the success of the Project, Falcorp was involved at every level, from programme planning to providing a centralized project management office. We negotiated  SLAs with 3rd party vendors (e.g. the network through which we offer hosting) and we provided day-to-day overseeing of tasks to meet envisaged outputs (e.g. 100% up-time).

Many existing staff were unfamiliar with the new technology; to ensure adoption of the system, Falcorp trained 30 Trucking Wellness staff in basic computer literacy and system functionality during implementation.Through our contact centre we continue to offer operational support during and after office hours. We provide ongoing analysis for reporting as well as additional system development.

Currently, the system is installed at 15 Trucking Wellness centres at key locations along main trucking corridors. To date, over 4 000 patients have been able to enjoy continuous healthcare while out on the road.