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Falcorp has many years in delivering meaningful solution in the BI, information, statistical, analytics and data space. Using this experience we are able to advise customers on the best approach to creating data solutions that engage with the business at all levels.

Our industry experience spans across various industry sectors including Collections, Contact Centres, Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, FMCG, Travel and Telecommunications.

At GTC we have developed and delivered a QlikView business intelligence solution. The following are the details.

key Key Objectives

  • Create a consolidated view of the business processes involved in administration.
  • Create visibility around processes
  • Design, develop & manage the BI applications
  • Support users with day-to-day operations
  • Optimise and enhance user activity

GTC perform a vast amount of administration and asset management tasks. Most processes are stored on an internally developed, sophisticated workflow system. Other third party tools are also used to assist with investment administration.

Whilst the valuation, pricing and administrative tasks are managed and calculated, the business needed a method of analysing the data to ensure that all servicing and administrative tasks were done timeously and correctly.

The group recognised the need for the organisation to invest in business intelligence systems to draw together critical metrics and data to enhance the administrative offerings and mitigate as much risk as possible.

client-benefits Client Benefits

  • There is a single version of the truth that is available to the business. This helps to aid an open information culture.
  • By using the tool the business is able to combine multiple data sources.
  • The analytics provided have enabled the business to streamline processes and allow a quick view of the status of administrative tasks. Pervious analytics that took a long time to do have been automated.
  • Meaningful analysis can be done within seconds rather than hours.
  • The solution allows collaboration across the business
  • No more exporting reports or transactions to excel with v-lookups to understand the numbers.
  • The analysis is fully automated and basic analytical errors have been eliminated.
  • The solution has allowed the business to understand at all stage critical components

scope Scope of Engagement

  • Business Intelligence Developer/s
  • Business Intelligence Analyst/s
  • Project Manager/s

technology Technologies

  • QlikView
  • Database (MySQL & MSSQL)
  • External ERP System

deliverables Deliverables

  • Workflows All workflow tasks within the system can be analysed. This can be done at a high level as well as at an in depth user, client, family, administrator and date level. Furthermore the business is provided with a management tool that allows a view of productivity and allows management to quickly identify risk areas so that corrective action can be taken.
  • Claims and Month End Administration Management can monitor the month end statuses of all tasks for clients and administrators on an hourly basis. This is particularly useful at crucial times of the month.Specific analytics have also been created for claims. At a glance see the overall claims status as well as supporting claims tasks can be reviewed. Detailed analysis of trends can be done and the ability to drill into more detail for queues, staff and different end results is also provided.
  • Customer Servicing All status of all customer service related tasks is analysed, tracked and reviewed in QlikView. This helps GTC to mitigate risk and effectively service customers.
  • Wealth Management The value of assets can be measured by client, asset type and portfolio. The solution also has all transactions so that in depth analytics can be done.