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Falcorp Technologies was contacted by an outsourced insurance administration company to identify and assist the group in establishing a clear business intelligence and information strategy for the group as they had many different tools and business needs that needed further clarification.

key Key Objectives

  • To determine the business information strategy of the client
  • To have an objective review of different technologies available and the fit in the organisation
  • Financial cost benefit of different solutions

client-benefits Client Benefits

  • Clear business requirements defined
  • Business Intelligence Strategy and priorities determined
  • Data inconsistencies and issues identified.

scope Scope of Engagement

  • Senior Business Intelligence Analysts

technology Technologies

  • QlikView
  • Microsoft Power BI, SharePoint, SSIS, SSRS
  • MS SQL

deliverables Deliverables

  • Short term, medium term and long term business requirements documented .
  • Technical environment analysed
  • Product comparison matrix delivered
  • Final recommendations made, and successfully adopted with the first phase of the project being delivered.