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Our clients in the banking industry have to adhere to regulatory requirements, to ensure they comply the Falcorp team has to implement controls on 200 databases to address the requirements and mitigate any risk.

key Key Objectives

  • To be compliant and mitigate risks
  • To address shortfalls in processes and procedures
  • To standardize and define processes
  • To design procedures to mitigate risks and implement across the landscape

client-benefits Client Benefits

  • Reduced risk in critical areas of data handling
  • Standardization and mitigation
  • Defined processes and procedures
  • Documented control activities

scope Scope of Engagement

  • Technical Team Leader
  • Senior RAC/Database Specialists
  • Intermediate RAC/Database Specialists

technology Technologies

  • Oracle Enterprise Edition Database 10G and 11G
  • Oracle RAC
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Oracle Automatic Storage Manager

deliverables Deliverables

  • Address existing risks via mitigating actions
  • Create processes and procedures
  • Document and standardize across the landscape
  • Adhere to compliance and policy