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Our Release and Environment Management team need to manage releases and changes on 43 Servers and 451 Oracle homes at one of the most complex, integrated and dynamic Telco’s in the country.

key Key Objectives

  • Daily release management of 100+ apps over Dev, QA , Pre-Prod and Prod environments
  • Management of 25 Non Prod and 18 Production Servers
  • Support of 451 Oracle Homes
  • Perform regression testing
  • Management of quarterly releases
  • Automate deployments

client-benefits Client Benefits

  • Easier and faster deployment of new service offerings
  • Side by side releases ensure no downtime to customers
  • Reduced overtime as releases can be performed during core business hours
  • Continuous delivery

scope Scope of Engagement

  • Technical Team Leader
  • Application Server and Weblogic Specialists
  • Release Manager

technology Technologies

  • Oracle Internet Directory (OID)
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Oracle Application Server
  • Oracle Weblogic
  • Oracle Webcentre Sites
  • Oracle Java

deliverables Deliverables

  • Seamless release management
  • Minimal disruptions
  • Automation of deployments
  • Process improvement and management